Brokers and agents need an advantage in today’s market. Our broker division was created to support the unique needs of brokers and agents selling our legal and identity theft plans. We offer several products that give you the flexibility to match the specific needs of your clients.

LegalShield has been offering legal plans for 40 years, creating a world where everyone can access legal protection, and everyone can afford it. Our proprietary network of attorneys is comprised of carefully selected, dedicated provider law firms, employing over 1,100 attorneys in 49 states with an average of 19 years of experience. We’ve also partnered with Kroll, the world’s leading company in identity theft restoration, to provide top of the line identity theft products.

All of our legal and identity theft plans are created to best meet the needs and demands of your clients. With compensation as flexible as our products, LegalShield makes building your business easy.


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