With a LegalShield legal plan, you will be able to deal with a variety of financial issues. Below are some of the financial issues our legal plans cover and the support provided by our Provider Law Firms.

Legal services may vary by state. See the Personal Legal Plan section of this website for more details.




A LegalShield Provider Law Firm will provide advice, telephone consultation and document review on bankruptcy regardless of whether you are the debtor or a creditor, including the differences between Chapter 7, 11 and 13, the requirements for filing any bankruptcy and any plan of reorganization, and the necessary documentation required for any bankruptcy filing. The Provider Law Firm, at their discretion, will review documents up to ten pages and counsel the member to see if he/she is eligible to file bankruptcy.

More specific services and representation in court will be provided under the preferred member discount.

Consumer Protection Assistance

This service also includes a LegalShield Provider Law Firm writing a letter or making a phone call on behalf of the member when deemed appropriate and helpful by the Provider Law Firm.

A LegalShield Provider Law Firm will provide representation to the member or member’s spouse as a defendant for a covered civil action or covered job related criminal action, including but not limited to situations such as:

  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods and services

The action must be filed in a state or federal district court. The Provider Law Firm will provide services under the schedule of trial hours based on membership year.