For one low monthly cost, you can lead your business with peace of mind knowing you’ll have access to legal advice when you need it most.

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Which plan is right for my Small Business?

1. How many employees do you have (other than yourself)?

0 - I don't have any
1 - 10
11 - 50
51 - 100
101 or more

2. How is your business set up?

My business is a privately held for-profit business.
My business is a non-profit business.
My business is publicly traded.

3. Business Needs Evaluation

How many people need access to your legal plan?

Only Me
One or Two
Up to Three
Up to Five

Rate your need for collection letters each month.

Some (3 or less/mo)
Significant (up to 5/mo)
Essential (5-10/mo)
Critical (10+/mo)

Rate your need for legal correspondence each year.

Some (less than 7/yr)
Significant (up to 20/yr)
Essential (20-30/yr)
Critical (30+/yr)

Do you have an annual need for document review services?

Some (less than 7/yr)
Significant (up to 20/yr)
Essential (20-30/yr)
Critical (30+/yr)

Rate your concern for needing trial defense services.

Not Concerned

OR Consider the Home Business Supplement consultants, landlords, part-time business owners, and others