I was introduced to LegalShield by one of my customers when I was in sales. I signed up and have since been involved with this company for more than 27 years. This opportunity isn’t just about finances for me. This opportunity allows me the time to take care of my bride of 27 years, Michelle, who has dementia and health challenges. LegalShield has allowed me to not only work my business but to also be able to care for her in a manner most aren’t able to do. And she continues to be involved in the LegalShield business as a part of the Ladies of Justice program.

My greatest accomplishment would be when not one but two of my associate numbers earned out and now I am getting residuals on them. I also am able to continue to help people make a living, via being an associate, and make a difference, via our membership, every day.

If I could say one thing to someone in their initial stage, it would be the same as my friend the late Wilburn Smith said to me. He said, “Agar if you give this opportunity five years, you can’t quit.”

It’s not earth moving or explosive advice, but it’s simple. Can you seriously give it your all for five years the way you have done on someone else’s dreams? My goal this year is to find at least 5 to 10 people to duplicate my passion.

When you are able to tithe more a year than what you use to earn, that’s God saying, I feel you and am responding to you. I have some friends in Carles and Jennie Boyd that I met via LegalShield, but they are now closer to me than my blood relatives. I am excited about my son Jeremy rejoining me in a year or two, and my grandson Aaron is helping his Papa move things to the next level as he represents LegalShield as a Young Pro taking the reins. I thank God every day for LegalShield. It has been and continues to be a blessing to our family.