I joined LegalShield in September 2012. To be perfectly honest, I started off quite slow and was not super coachable in the beginning due to me having a background in sales. However, one of my mentors and now friend/family, Katreice Jackson, never gave up on me. She always led me back to the system.

I left my job and went full-time in the business a little too soon. Nevertheless, this season of preparation was what I needed to get adequately trained. I began consistently attending all big events, trainings and remaining coachable.

My “why” is to never have to work for anyone again. To accomplish that I had to make some serious decisions about my business and my work ethic. I began opening numerous groups which led to me being one of the Top 10 Group Openers in 2018. I also started recruiting heavily. I am so thankful for my team and their hard work as well. I love helping them reach their goals in LegalShield. This consistency led to me becoming a Power Team ED in November and receiving the $5,000 bonus.

I want to thank Mr. Alistair Edwards for laying a good foundation, Mr. Green and Mrs. Tucker for being great mentors, Sheryl Watford for being a great business partner and lastly Mrs. Jackson for keeping me on track, pushing me past my failures and believing in me more than I believed in myself. Thank you, LegalShield! The best is truly yet to come, and I am just getting started!