Law Enforcement
Several years ago Diane wanted out. She worked hard in the field of accounting, but she wanted out of the rat race. After a long career with a company, she was let go. Wake up calls happen. It was time to reevaluate the direction she was going and who was actually in control of that direction. She decided she needed to be in control. With a great leap of faith and fierce determination not to let anyone else raise their son, Hunter, Diane took action.

With a new career, a new passion and new hope for the future, she was nervous and excited. Enter Alex, the police sergeant husband standing by to support his wife’s dream, right? Wrong. With his 17-year career in law enforcement, he had witnessed his parents working in their careers for 25 and 30 years. That was just what you did. You got a job and worked there until retirement.

His career by its nature put him in a fairly negative environment, working with criminals and with people who work with criminals for 8 to 10 hours per day. Consequently, he was somewhat negative and skeptical about the decision Diane had made and did not support her decision or offer her any encouragement. He basically thought she should get a “real job.” Fortunately, the positive environment and associations affiliated with Diane’s new business and Alex’s introduction to personal development began to cause Alex to question some of his long-held beliefs. As he began to be around positive, forward-thinking, optimistic people, he realized there was a better way.

Before long, Alex noticed Diane sharing the services with someone, filling out a form that was easier than any arrest form he had ever filled out, and he watched her get paid more per membership than he could expect to get paid for more than a half day’s work in his 17-year career! It didn’t take anything further. After a bumpy start, they both rolled up their sleeves and went to work.

“Certainly through the years, we have been challenged like everyone who starts a business and persists. The rewards for the challenges are phenomenal. Since that humble beginning, LegalShield has afforded us the opportunities we only dreamed of previously—time off when we want. We’ve been true, 100%, stay-at-home parents from the time Hunter was in elementary school. We were there for him then and we’re still available for him now. WOW! What value would you place on that? Setting your own hours. Working where you want, how you want, and with whom you want. No long commute times. Amazingly, Alex was able to retire eight years early!

“You cannot succeed without helping others. It’s the ultimate win-win. We look forward to helping our amazing team reach their highest potential, as we all expand the team together.

“The integrity of LegalShield, and the focused vision of our phenomenal founder, Mr. Harland Stonecipher, have come together for a phenomenon—the opportunity of a lifetime.”