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I thank God for this opportunity to share my story. LegalShield has allowed me to personally develop, grow, and cultivate life-changing relationships.

As a successful business entrepreneur of a credit education company and former commercial loan supervisor, life seemed pretty good. Helping people has always been a priority and enjoyment for me. I attended college and majored in law in hopes of becoming a lawyer. However, “life happened,” and my dreams were postponed. Many times God’s plan for our lives far exceed our temporal desires. I thought my life was derailed, but it was actually a “set up” for something better.

So in 2006, God gave my friend Shontel Jackson a prophetic word of introduction and direction for my life to join LegalShield. Immediately I became a member and part-time associate. Two months later, I entered the world of Business Solutions and became certified. That was one of my best decisions—to become a full-service associate. My organization and Business Solutions portfolio grew expeditiously. I was excited and ready to take the world by the horns. However, in 2009, my life started to shift and unravel due to the world economy. Everyone was facing financial loss including me. Through this depression, the spark of LegalShield remained ignited. I continued to share the opportunity and write memberships. It was a slow progression, but my focus was to not lose my Performance Club qualifications. Those monthly bonus checks are a great persuader. My faith in GOD and belief in LegalShield kept me in pursuit of my goal.

Things began to turn around, and my LegalShield business started to expand once again. Through a “cold call” to a company, they brought me in to share the membership with their employees­—they had six other companies! That one connection made me $100,000 Ring Earner. I retired from banking at the age of 40, and God has continually blessed and favored me. While I thought my career was to become a lawyer, God opened up another avenue!

I’ve received numerous honors: No. 1 Power Team Retention, National Field Trainer of the Year, No. 1 Group Producer in Michigan; and a Top Five Group Producer. It’s an honor to be the first African American in Michigan to earn the $100,000 Ring. Those yearly all-expenses-paid “pleasure” trips aren’t bad either. I truly love LegalShield!

This opportunity has allowed me to financially invest in community projects, provide charitable organizations that are dear to my heart, give to the homeless, and invest more time in ministry. My goal is to help more individuals reach their success.

My sincerest gratitude goes to all the special people who influence my walk—my parents for their enduring love and support, my loving family and close friends, Shontel Jackson, my team, William and Sheila Byrd (my LegalShield parents), Cathy Scrivner, Melissa Wilder, John and Darcy Hoffman, my spiritual parents—Apostle Wayne T. Jackson and Dr. Beverly, the Stoneciphers, the entire LegalShield Corporate Team, Jim and Jacquie Harkema and John “Rock Star” and Lyn Drennan. It’s not personal achievement but personal commitment to live for God that’s important. Achievements are simply examples of what God can do through someone’s life.