First, I give thanks to God for this incredible opportunity. Also, I give thanks to the Stoneciphers for their vision. I am originally from Oklahoma. I left Oklahoma, seeking my dreams. Who would’ve guessed that a company based in Oklahoma would be the door opener to many of my dreams?

Prior to joining LegalShield, I served 10 years in the military, exiting as a Captain in the United States Army. I reentered corporate America, worked with two companies and went broke. I was determined to find something different. Thank goodness, I was introduced to LegalShield.

My journey with LegalShield has changed everything for me. I’ve paid off ALL my student loans AND erased unnecessary debt. This business is giving me the freedom to live life on my own terms. I “get to” experience life in a way that was once only a dream. Daily, I am able to choose how much I want to earn, how I want to give back and how I want to spend my time and associations. This IS a dream come true. No matter where anyone is in life, LegalShield is a chance for them to absolutely change their lives. What LegalShield means to me is the opportunity to stop the poverty line in my family tree and help others do the same. Thank you to my family and support group. Much love and appreciation go to my team, workout partners, mentors and the Team NuVision family.