I was a homeschooling mother of six when a friend asked if our family had a legal plan. We live in Idaho, but he knew that I am Dutch and given the high percentage of people in possession of legal insurance in Western Europe, he gambled that I would have had that coverage in Holland. We call it “rechtsbijstandverzekering,” and he was right; I had it there but not here. LegalShield made total sense, and I signed up right away.

A while back, I Googled 61 different insurance companies in the Netherlands. That’s 61 companies vying for customers in a country that fits into the United States 237 times! How many companies vie for customers here? Right? And on top of that, while a majority of the Dutch have some form of legal insurance, less than 3% of the U.S. population does! Can you think of a more obvious business opportunity than this?

LegalShield has awarded me the trophy for having the highest retention rate in the nation for small volume personal sales, three Production Achievement awards, the $50,000 Ring, the Performance Club bonus, and many of the company’s trips that my husband was invited to attend as well.

With all of this and the wonderful leadership at the helm, can you think of a better company to be associated with than LegalShield?