Prior to LegalShield, I was working 60 hours a week. Barbara and I never saw each other. I made good money but had no time to enjoy it. I was open to changing my future.

I was introduced to LegalShield while Barbara was out of town. My brother and his wife invited me over for dinner, and after dinner, they suggested we look at a short video about an amazing service and opportunity.

That video changed our lives forever. I saw the need for the service.

We didn’t have a Will, had been audited by the IRS, and had been a victim of identity theft. I could not believe the commission structure, with overrides and residual. So immediately I signed up to become a member and became an associate that night. My thought was if by telling others about the membership I could earn enough part-time to make our mortgage payment, then I would do that for life. In four months, we were making that amount working part-time.

A year later, I started working from home with my wife, Barbara.

Thanks to LegalShield, we have built an incredible team in 22 STATES and 2 PROVINCES of Canada. We have been consistent Performance Club qualifiers, earning six all-expenses paid vacations and a monthly bonus, and we have helped others on our team do the same. The opportunity has also allowed us to give more to our church and to charities we are passionate about.

After earning our $100,000 Ring in December 2015, we were positioned to earn a bonus in March 2016, from the “Rise to the Ring” promotion. In 2016, we saw two of our incredible associates earn their $50,000 Rings, our daughter and son-in-law, Stephanie and Sam Boley, who are Bronze Executive Directors, and Martha and Wesley Doss, who are also Bronze Executive Directors. We are blessed to include our family in the mix. Our daughter Chasity Kendrick and our grandson Michael Kendrick are associates, and our son and daughter-in-law, Cowen and Megan Wilson, are Managers. None of this would be possible without our team, our incredible upline, Roger and Peggy Wilson, Jeremy and Stephanie Moore, Randy and Pat Moore, and finally the late Mr. Ken Moore and Mrs. Shirlene Moore!