Business Owner

Aloha! We are humbled and thankful to be featured in this year’s Profiles of Success. LegalShield has meant the world to me and my family! This mission represents freedom for us. We were introduced to LegalShield by Mr. Danny Katoa a few years ago, and we took a “faith investment” out on ourselves. I had tried a couple other network marketing companies and had income success, but we didn’t have the time to enjoy that success. We have found that balance here with LegalShield. As a result of working part-time on this mission, I have been able to realize a dream of being a stay-at-home father and husband. Our next goal is to have my wife retire from being an RN by 2021, and for us both to be stay-at-home parents to our kids, George and Grace. In the next three to five years, we plan to become Millionaire Club Members and $500,000 Ring Earners with LegalShield. One of our many accomplishments with LegalShield so far has been to breakdown the myth that you cannot live on LegalShield income alone. Another accomplishment we just achieved is having over 1,000 families personally protected by our plans. My prayer for you as you read this is to take a chance on yourself and your dreams! Stay the course and fight for your future self and generations to come to “Worry Less and LIVE more.”