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Bertram Calhoun and Fatima Salaam wake up every morning ready to help others achieve their dreams. They are blessed parents of Amirah, 22, Aminnah, 20, Mustafa, 17, Amani, 16, and Maryam, 7.

LegalShield has allowed them to send their children to schools of their choice, travel extensively, and never miss the special moments in their children’s lives. Most significantly, Bertram was blessed to make Hajj, a spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca. They thoroughly enjoyed recent trips to Rio for the Olympics, Barcelona, and the enchanted island of Iceland. Their hard work and laser focus allowed Fatima to launch her own company called Go Women Global, which is poised for a stellar year! Fatima is also excited about continuing to lead the Ladies of Justice initiative.

Their journey towards living on purpose began about 20 years ago. Bertram spent more than five years as a civil engineer at AECOM. He had a rewarding career, but he did not enjoy working long hours and occasional weekends. He knew there had to be a better way. In 2000, he joined LegalShield under the leadership of Darnell Self. Meanwhile, in 2006, Fatima was a teacher with three young children when she saw the value of the membership and jumped on the opportunity.

Through hard work and dedication, Bertram rapidly experienced success and walked away from his engineering career within one year of joining. Less than three years later, he earned his $100,000 Ring. In 2010, Bertram and Fatima were inducted into the prestigious Millionaire Club. In 2016, they earned their $300,000 Ring.

Bertram and Fatima appreciate Darnell and Traci Self for being excellent mentors and leaders. Following in their footsteps has allowed them to assist in developing one $150,000 Ring Earner—Sharon and Melvin Larry (Millionaire Club Members) in Atlanta, two $100,000 Ring Earners in NorCal Bay Area—Christa and Mikal Mekki (Millionaire Club Members) and Ted Ma and several $50,000 Ring Earners—Kimberley and Kenneth Royal, Jaya and James Crawford in Dallas, Lanetta Marshall in NorCal Bay Area, Angel Stephens in Tampa and Joel Barnehama in Phoenix on P3-TNV (Prosperity Partnership Program—Team NuVision). They have also helped over 150 families achieve the rank of Executive Director across 13 states in their tenure.

Bertram and Fatima “always remember in business, focus is everything.”