Working for LegalShield Corporate offices, I was often asked by my friends and acquaintances for legal advice since I worked with “a lot of attorneys.” What my “friends” needed was access to quality expert legal advice.

We DO have something valuable that everyone needs but, most of us aren’t conditioned to seek the type of help we offer, causing a gap between us and our legal rights! LegalShield bridges that gap! For me, having the ability to tell that insurance company, “I’ve contacted my attorney and he has advised me on my next steps,” gave me HOPE in a situation where I was being taken advantage of. Getting a response, with action, the very next day, from that insurance company, gave me confidence in our product!

I’m a helper by nature, so it just makes sense to help others by sharing our products while providing for my family. In January 2018, my mother was home with hospice care. For the last four weeks of her life, I was able to stay home and care for her, without having the added stress of choosing time with my mom or making sure we had an income.

I am forever grateful for the vision and legacy left by Mr. and Mrs. Stonecipher. As I’ve heard our CEO, Jeff Bell, say, “You can do well while doing good!”

I am thankful God has blessed me with this opportunity.