Business Owner
Prior to LegalShield, we had 23 years of experience in the network marketing industry. We owned our own network marketing and direct-sales cosmetic business, Annette 2 Cosmetiques. In fact, J.R.’s office on the television series Dallas was actually our office during the initial years of our business.

We have always believed strongly in helping those who are less able to help themselves. Therefore, our cosmetics company became the first African-American company to be a national sponsor of the Lou Rawls Parade of Stars National Telethon for the United Negro College Fund.

We had never heard of this great opportunity until 1998, when we found out about it through The Peoples Network, which we had been introduced to by Gladys Knight and by Les Brown, whom my wife has known since high school. When we sat in the audience that day in Dallas, Texas, and heard company founder, Mr. Harland Stonecipher, describe the legal service plans and business opportunity offered by LegalShield, we turned to each other and said, “This is the answer to our prayers!”

In one company, we have the answer to two major problems that people of color have faced all of their lives: how to gain equal access to the justice system and how to level the business opportunity playing field. Now, we crisscross this country sharing this pair of equalizers with all who are interested in improving tomorrow.

The Lord and our LegalShield business have enabled us to purchase a great home and car! We’ve also purchased our dream waterfront lot overlooking a mountain range! Through this business, we also change the lives of customers.

One example of such a change is an elementary school teacher in Texas who called late one Thursday night in a panic because she had just received an eviction notice from her landlord that was effective on Sunday, just three days away. I drove more than an hour to her house, enrolled her into LegalShield, and she wrote a $25 check.

She asked why I was willing to drive more than an hour one-way late at night to enroll her as a LegalShield Member, and I responded that it was imperative that I have her on the telephone first thing Friday morning speaking to our provider law firm, so that she could get an immediate consultation. When I talked to her on that Friday, there was a song in her voice. Everything was resolved beyond her expectation. We are on a crusade to take this company to every man, woman, boy, and girl in North America.