Power Plant Operator
Before LegalShield, Bill worked in the power generation industry as a power plant operator and Yadira worked in the shipping department for an aircraft parts manufacturer. Yadira came from Panama to the United States in 1992 and learned to speak English after living here; she saw the opportunity to help the Spanish communities to give them equal access to justice under the law.

We were introduced to the LegalShield services first. We used the services and were very pleased with the results. We inquired about the LegalShield business and saw the upside potential of the residual income it offered.

We became associates on a part-time basis in 2000. The more we worked with the company, the more we felt the need to go full-time to take advantage of this financial opportunity sooner. It was in early 2003 when Bill realized he had developed an “eye problem” at work. He simply couldn’t see himself working in the power plants any longer, so we went full-time with LegalShield in early 2003. In 2007, we achieved our goal of earning the $100,000 Ring and becoming a member of the Millionaire Club. We have been with this wonderful company for 20 years and are working towards earning many more prestigious Rings. We have qualified for Performance Club since its inception. We enjoy going on the all-expenses paid trips every year with our family and receiving the Performance Club bonus every month. The ongoing residual income compliments our investment of hard work with LegalShield.

It’s one thing to get a paid vacation; it’s another thing to get your vacation paid for. Now, because of the opportunity with LegalShield, we spend more time with our family without having to ask a boss for time off. This has given us an opportunity to spend all the time we want with our children and grandchildren. Yadira also loves the freedom to travel to Panama to visit her family.

We are a couple like many others who saw the opportunity. The difference with us is we took advantage of the opportunity and grasped Harland Stonecipher’s vision.

They say “knowledge is power!” This IS NOT true. Applied knowledge is power! Once you have knowledge of the opportunity, you must take action. We know that nothing is accomplished alone; we are truly blessed to work with an awesome team and are building friendships and family all across North America.

We are happy to be business owners and investors instead of someone stuck in the rat race. Thanks to LegalShield, we are working toward our goals. We work from home building OUR business and not someone else’s. We love the residual income and that we get paid DAILY ANYWHERE!