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 March 30, 2021

George Floyd’s Death and the Need to Democratize Access to the Law

Group of protestors calling for the end of racism following George Floyd murder

Derek Chauvin is on trial for murder.

This week, the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer began. Chauvin is charged for killing a Black man in an explosive case that Americans have been closely watching unravel since the day George Floyd died.

Derek Chauvin, the White former police officer, is under the spotlight and charged with murder after he held his knee on Floyd’s neck for an excessive amount of time, ultimately causing Floyd’s death.

As you are probably already aware, this incident incited an eruption of protests all around the country last summer that aimed to combat racism, address police brutality, and spark a conversation around social justice in America.

Will justice prevail in the courtroom?

This trial comes after a number of other similar cases involving police officers that have been left uncharged after their actions against Black men and women. So, as followers of the case tune in this week to see what justice means in America, to us at LegalShield, we define justice as something everyone – no matter race, gender, or religion – should have equal access to.

That’s why we encourage every human to equip themselves with the right tools to access justice, defend themselves, and receive the fairness and equality they deserve.

What to do to combat discrimination:

If you ever feel discriminated against, here are the 2 most important things to do:

  1. Keep a record of offensive actions if possible. Technology is power, and it has proven to be the most powerful tool in seeking justice in the case of George Floyd. Being able to capture videos, recordings, or photos on your phone allows you to have the most important thing needed to win in court: Evidence. So, if you are feeling discriminated against at work, on the street, or in any other place, document it if possible.
  2. Get legal help. Getting an attorney is critical to win in court. Know that the law is on your side if you are facing discrimination, but you need the right help that understands the law to guide you through the process.

Everyone should have access to justice.

Don’t wait to receive fair treatment. Establish it from the start with the right legal help.

LegalShield is here to provide every human access to affordable legal consultation and services. Our core mission is to provide every human the access they deserve to equality and fairness.

If you have been the victim of discrimination or are currently experiencing any form of harassment, you should contact a lawyer. You don’t deserve and don’t have to put up with that type of treatment.

Your LegalShield membership provides affordable access to provider lawyers who can help solve difficult problems, such as harassment and discrimination.

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