LegalShield Answers Free Legal Questions on U.S. Law Day 2018

april 25, 2018 | law day

By Keri C. Norris, SVP of Regulatory Compliance & CLO LegalShield

​Each year for the past 60 years, the American Bar Association (ABA) and various state bars have organized a Law Day, held on May 1st, as a celebration of the rule of law and the freedoms that all Americans share. Nationwide, legal professionals are encouraged to volunteer to help both educate and provide access to justice to Americans. On this 60th anniversary, the ABA challenges the legal profession to promote the separation of powers as a theme for Law Day. At LegalShield, we are responding with a May 1st, 2018 event where volunteer lawyers from the LegalShield Provider Law Firm Network will be on call for twelve hours to answer questions from people across the U.S. These attorneys are from our network and includes several who speak Spanish. Our proprietary technology will route the anticipated thousands of calls.


In general, many Americans do not understand when they need an attorney and are often reluctant to reach out due to costs. Reports from the state bar associations, the ABA, and the Legal Services Corporation all estimate that 4 of 5 citizens cannot access help for their legal problems. Ryan Goldstein, one of our volunteers from the LegalShield Georgia provider firm, Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell, & Daly explains, “Law Day is important to give everyone access to an attorney and to properly educate the public on important legal matters. Those matters whether large or small, need to have a proper consultation with an attorney to have their rights properly explained to them, correctly addressed, and to help alleviate their concerns.”


LegalShield has offered legal services to millions over its 45-year history and is proud to have our attorneys volunteer to field calls from anyone on any legal question. While many communities and states will have local events focused on various specialties, LegalShield’s provider attorney network covers the 50 states and therefore, we can offer callers national access in all areas of the law.  At LegalShield, we believe that every citizen should have access to the legal system year-round and we now offer a mobile application that can provide free forms and answers to common legal questions for free anytime to non-members.

On May 1st, I am answering calls at our Ada, OK headquarters and I look forward to helping citizens and breaking down the barriers between the law and the public. 

While our members enjoy a direct connection with law firms through our mobile application, we hope to help others who are not sure whether they need an attorney.

I spoke with Frank A. Moscardini, Jr. of Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP about why he and others from his firm have chosen to volunteer on May 1st, “On Law Day we celebrate and recognize the foundation of our constitutional democracy which was created to preserve our freedom, liberties, and individual rights. LegalShield is providing me with a special opportunity to participate in a program that offers those who may otherwise not have access to the legal system the ability to do so. I am very much looking forward to promoting and celebrating our legal system on LegalShield’s Law Day.”


Please help spread the word about Law Day by LegalShield by sharing the details available here. The LegalShield hotline will be active on May 1st from 7am to 7 pm CT at 1 800 261-8165. Please note, that the attorneys from these law firms will not be representing you.  They will not be retained, but only giving free answers to legal questions for this one day. If you are interested in learning more about planning a Law Day, there is information here.