Top 3 Tips to Stay Married While Working with Your Spouse

September 04, 2017
The Miranians

Launching a business is one of the most exciting events in many people’s lives, which is why, according to the Arizona Republic, the vast majority of people who became entrepreneurs (96 percent) report that they are glad that they did.Yet, owning your own business can also be stressful, and the stress can be compounded for entrepreneurs who are also married to their business partners.“At LegalShield, some of our most successful independent representatives are married couples who work together,” says Liz Foo-Lequeux, one of LegalShield’s top independent associates who has built a very successful team as a stay-at-home mom. “Spouses can complement each other’s talents and support each other through the inevitable ups and downs that come from running a business. However, one of the consistent challenges that married entrepreneurs face is how to balance building their businesses with maintaining their marriages.”For LegalShield Senior Directors Jeanette and Albert Miranian, they learned the importance of that balance when tragedy struck: in April 2014, Jeanette was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to their extra income from LegalShield, Jeanette could stay at home to recuperate fully before going back to work. Earlier this month, their LegalShield business also enabled them to go on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary as well as Jeanette’s remission.

“For people who are success-minded and who have the courage to be the best people they can be, LegalShield can change their lives. Jeanette and I hope to be a testament to that,” says Albert.The Miranians are passionate about helping other couples to achieve the financial freedom that they have found while also balancing their work with their family life. They offer the following tips based on their experience:1. Respect and Support Each Other. Joining LegalShield was originally Jeanette’s idea, which Albert supported as he continued to run their real estate ventures. As their LegalShield business grew, Albert took over more of the public face of the business while Jeanette transitioned into more of a support role. Albert now leads their team events and trainings while Jeanette manages the behind-the-scenes part of the business and focuses on balancing the needs of their family. Throughout these transitions in their roles, they learned the importance of allowing each other to contribute in different ways– including what each person does for the business as well as what they do for the family’s home life.2. Don’t Bring Up the Business on Date Nights. When spouses are working together, the lines can blur between business and home life. Items like “Pick Up the Laundry” can accidentally get added to work agendas, and business discussions can inadvertently creep into personal time. It is important to maintain appropriate boundaries between home life and work life while still acknowledging the importance of each. But one simple rule trumps them all: don’t bring up the business on date nights.3. Remember Why You Are in Business. Once they had a lot of momentum on their LegalShield team, Albert and Jeanette say that “life began to happen … children, weddings, and more.” They felt conflicted because they loved their work with LegalShield, but they worked hard to follow their own advice to their team: “these things are the reasons why you are building the business in the first place.” They strongly suggest that entrepreneurs avoid the temptation to focus exclusively on growing their business at the cost of their family lives.Albert and Jeanette have built an organization that has sold more than 10,000 LegalShield memberships in the past seven years. Albert reports that “after seven years in LegalShield, we have built a residual income that now rivals the pension that it took me 32 years to earn as a full-time employee.” To learn more about this opportunity, click here.*NOTE: While not unprecedented, the Miranians’ financial success is no guarantee of what you can earn as a LegalShield independent representative. Individual results will vary.