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 September 04, 2017

Make Your Mark, Live An Authentic Life

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“I would do this for free. Literally. It’s that important my community receives this service.” – LegalShield Associate Ron Allen, Bay Area, Florida.

Eighty-six million millennials will represent 40% of the US workforce by 2020, according to a recent Forbes report. This generation, born after 1980 and before 2000, contrasts sharply with its Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts in that its primary motivation is neither prestige nor money, but a sense of making a difference in the world and achieving a solid work-life balance, according to a recent Brookings Institute report.

75% of millennials recently studied in the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2015: Mind the Gaps believe businesses are “focused on their own agendas rather than helping to improve society.” Millennials want to work for companies with a social conscience. While some companies will have to scramble to develop and articulate a social conscience if they hope to attract this generation’s top talent, millennials Ron Allen and Rachael Johannsen believe they have found a business opportunity in LegalShield that allows them to do worthwhile work.

Ron Allen: Giving Back, Embracing Opportunity

While many young people just out of high school might choose less ambitious pursuits, Ron Allen has turned his attention to helping his community. Mr. Allen, a former high school wrestler, quickly saw a way to apply his sense of discipline to a job that would feel meaningful to him.

“One of the things I really value about LegalShield is its affordability. About 90% of the people in my community have no estate planning or Power of Attorney in place, and in a probate state like Florida, that’s a big problem. I can explain why they need to protect themselves. Even my customers on Medicaid can afford this plan and benefit tremendously from it. It feels good,” says Mr. Allen, who is off to an admirable start with his LegalShield business. He joined December 31, 2014, and is already on track to move up several levels within the company’s hierarchy.

Mr. Allen recently felt the gravity of his role when he helped facilitate the return of his client’s security deposit. The client had worked tirelessly to get the house he was renting back to tip-top shape for inspection, only to be told he would not receive the deposit no matter what he did. Mr. Allen loves that LegalShield providers can so capably help good people, like his clients, to get treated fairly.

“Before he knew it, my client got a call from his property manager. He’d had a change of heart, thanks to his contact with our provider attorney. The property manager decided to refund that deposit after all. If that’s not worth the plan price, I don’t know what is,” says Mr. Allen.

Mr. Allen believes the opportunity is a great reason to come into the fold and work with LegalShield. “So many companies require a college degree and years of skin in the game before you can make any money. Not so with LegalShield. You can come in here your first month, work hard, and get reimbursed for your initial investment right away,” says Mr. Allen, who has enrolled at Pasco Hernando State College where he plans to pursue a degree in business.

Mr. Allen appreciates the fact that even if he were to stop actively selling LegalShield plans, every plan he has sold so far will continue to benefit him as residual income for the lifetime of the membership.

Rachael Johannsen: From 75 Hours/Week to a Flex Schedule and Fulfillment

“I honestly feel as if I’ve found my something greater, my life’s purpose,” laughs Rachael Johannsen, who achieved executive director status after eighteen months of focused effort with LegalShield. Ms. Johannsen achieved that goal while running her cleaning business and waiting tables on the side. “I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. If a waitress from St. Paul can be successful at this, then so can you!”

Ms. Johannsen’s initial exposure to LegalShield came about as a member when she experienced a wallet theft. Her boyfriend was already an independent associate, so she knew to expect good service from the company, but the quality of service she received, both from her Kroll licensed identity theft investigator (Kroll partners with LegalShield in providing state-of-the-art identity theft protection and restoration services) and her provider attorney, made her a true believer in LegalShield and its myriad benefits. Her excitement over becoming an independent associate soon drew three of her close friends to work for the company as well and, recently, even her initially skeptical father has signed on as an independent associate.

“At the time I began the LegalShield business I was working about 75 hours a week running my cleaning business, Rachael’s Rags, and bartending at night. The more I got involved with LegalShield, the more I fell in love with the mission. I see this as a true career that allows me to make an incredible difference in the lives of others. So my boyfriend and I came up with a game plan to reach the top levels of the company. As we have moved up, I have been able to quit my other jobs and transition out of my cleaning business,” says Ms. Johannsen, whose enthusiasm for LegalShield has continued to deepen.

Ms. Johannsen relishes her role in bringing affordable legal services to families and friends who may not have thought they could afford such protection. When she imagines the map of her career, she envisions the whole of it will be spent with LegalShield.

“If you have an issue, this provides for equal access to justice. I come from a family that didn’t access lawyers for any reason. Like most people, we simply couldn’t afford it. The opportunity, the financial perks, the flexibility, the cause. I’m really in this for the cause,” says Ms. Johannsen with the confidence of someone who has charted her course carefully.

“I will work with LegalShield for the rest of my life.”

Millennials have become such a hot topic that the Pew Research Center recently posted a “How Millennial Are You?” quiz on its site. LegalShield partners with people of all ages who subscribe to the millennial mindset of rewarding, service-oriented work on a flexible schedule. All are welcome to explore becoming independent associates.


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