Upload Documents to App & Law Firm Reviews

november 04, 2019 | features
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5 simple steps for uploading legal documents

The LegalShield mobile app just got better! As a LegalShield Member, you have all the benefits that your membership provides – right at the touch of a button. And we’ve made it even easier to have your important legal documents reviewed by adding our new document upload feature.

Rather than mailing, faxing or emailing legal documents to your attorney for review, you can now send them straight to your LegalShield provider law firm via the app.

  1. Enter the home screen of the mobile app and tap the button “Submit Document for Review.”
  2. Write a brief description of the document you are sending.
  3. Attach a file or upload a photo of the document. If the document is multiple pages, no worries; just make sure to attach the file or image for each page of the document.
  4. If you have multiple LegalShield plans, confirm the specific plan this document is for.
  5. Hit “Submit.”

It’s that simple! Your provider law firm will receive the document and contact you within four business hours.

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your legal protection is professional and affordable as well as accessible. Get Protected and Empowered: Download the LegalShield mobile app and check out the document upload feature today!