I spent 31 years working for other people, helping them be successful, and building their futures. When I was introduced to LegalShield in 2002, it was with a VHS tape. After seeing the value of the membership, I said, “Yes, sign me up for this.” After I filled out the application, I asked if they were looking for anyone else to help market the services. I became an associate the same day, September 29, 2002. I was a little slow getting started with LegalShield since I was a store manager for Dillons Food Stores, (a subsidiary of Kroger), and it was a busy time of year, going into Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My wife, Cherie, and I went to a group school training the following summer and began marketing groups on a part-time basis. After two more years, I began to see a real opportunity to not only make money but to leave my job and set my own schedule.

On March 1, 2005, I became a full-time LegalShield Associate, focusing mostly on group business. We have been Performance Club qualified every month since August 2003, and we’ve qualified for great incentive trips every year since then, traveling to beautiful venues. Cherie and I received our LegalShield Ring in September 2007, in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand from Mr. Wilburn Smith, (a true icon in our company). We have sold more than 7,000 personal memberships and continue to work the business, opening more than 30 school district accounts among the 100 companies we service, helping everyone have the peace of mind Mr. Stonecipher always envisioned.

Because of LegalShield, we can enjoy time with our kids and grandkids more without having to ask permission from a boss or employer. The quality of life we have now is amazing.

Being able to do something you enjoy and believe in while earning an income is beyond our imagination.

We really give a lot of praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for bringing this opportunity to us and helping us become successful. Also, we are so very thankful to our mentor and team leader, the late Mr. Ken Moore. He has always been there for anything we have ever needed, showing appreciation and compassion for us, not only as associates but as friends. I also thank those who have helped when I’ve needed support, people like Linda Bowden and Jimmy Parrish.

The only ones who never succeed are the ones who never endure the race.