Real Estate

Wow! It’s truly exciting to celebrate my 20th year with this company and to be in the prestigious Millionaire Club. Time does fly when you’re having FUN, helping people every day enjoy the peace of mind and security of the LegalShield and IDShield services and enjoying independence and more time.

What a great business to earn a living from the comforts of our California and North Carolina homes! Jim Rohn once said that he had a goal to have a home in every season, and when I started my LegalShield business, I thought, “What a cool goal.”

Because of this business and being a native Californian (with only one season) a few years ago, the opportunity presented itself to purchase a historic home (built in 1833) in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, near Asheville.

I joined LegalShield in February 1999, after working crazy hours as a real estate broker in corporate America. I was tired of working hard for someone else who did not care about my needs. I had the fancy job title and good salary, but I had no time to live my life and take vacations!

I was originally introduced to LegalShield by a lawyer and because of a nagging eight-month personal real estate problem, I figured since the service was month-to-month, where was my downside? The California provider law firm wrote a two-page letter on my behalf and cleared up the issue within two weeks. It was amazing because I didn’t get the crazy legal bill. I left my 15-year real estate broker career to become a LegalShield Associate because everyone needs this service and there is virtually no competition.

As we all know, identity theft is not going away, and bad things happen to good people all the time. How many people can afford to spend $200 per hour for a lawyer when they only earn $10 to $30 per hour?

I started out part-time for about two years, working 5 to 10 hours per week, and I have now been full-time for years, working out of the comfort of my homes. I’m very excited because we are in the right place at the right time with LegalShield.

Thanks to an awesome team, I now can do the things I truly enjoy, like taking multiple vacations a year and still getting paid! With LegalShield, I love having residual income or “mailbox money” and will never do anything else that does not have these two important factors because this is the secret to long-term wealth. I love the company’s Performance Club as I have been on most of the all-expenses paid vacations to incredible places like Cancun, Lake Tahoe and the Bahamas.

Finally, I’ve learned the secret to success in LegalShield is to start and NEVER quit. Work with the people who truly have the desire to change the quality of their lives and remember the key to your own success is hidden in your daily activity.