First and foremost, Bob and Denny want to give thanks for their success to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has gifted them with the abilities and opportunities they so richly enjoy.

Denny’s background includes 20 years in public and Christian school education. She has taught every grade from kindergarten through sixth, and she has also tutored children with learning disabilities. She loves children and is very gifted in helping them excel.

Bob served in Christian ministry as a pastor and Christian educator for 21 years.

Their career with LegalShield began in September 1998, with the acquisition of The Peoples Network.

Bob says his dad is the greatest example of spreading the good news of LegalShield—he talks with anybody, anytime and anywhere!

Bob loves sharing the opportunity and training others for success in LegalShield. For many years he was a Small Business Trainer and Group Vice President. He obviously loves what he is doing.

Bob and Denny believe doing the business is a mind-set, always being prepared to hand someone a tool to share with them the service or opportunity. Whether they’re seated next to you on the airplane, at the pump next to you at the service station, or on the ski lift with you on the slopes, virtually everyone needs the membership—and more people than not need the opportunity. As Bob’s dad says, “Always talk to everyone!”

One of the things they are most thankful for is the people they have met and the friends they have made in the business. They thank God for each associate in their LegalShield family and pray for them all the success they are willing to achieve!

They know that success is not an accident nor does it come in isolation; it takes hard work and a team effort. And they want to thank their team and encourage them not to stop, until they reach the top!

They love the freedom that overrides and residual income can bring, and one of their goals is to be able to take off three months every year and serve the Lord in short-term missionary endeavors around the world.