Prior to LegalShield, we found ourselves making good money as IBM executives, but we had no time for ourselves or family. We were working 60 to 70 hours per week and traveling all the time. We had stress, and we knew that stress would eventually lead to illness and other challenges as our son was growing up if we did not make a change.

LegalShield gave us the opportunity to stay home with our son, Michael, and be available during his childhood and early adult life. Now he has grown into a fine successful young man who is a “contributor” to society. We believe it was because we were able to give him the love, guidance and especially our time that many parents cannot. Additionally, as full-time associates, LegalShield gives us the opportunity to be with family and friends or take time to balance our life with our business. The beauty of this business is that we work with whomever we choose whenever we choose.

We had first been very satisfied members of LegalShield for about five years prior to becoming associates. We loved the service and saw how it could help others as well. When we were introduced to LegalShield, there was never any doubt that this company was right for us. We had tried other companies but were guided here by one of our mentors. We have not regretted one minute of our time with LegalShield.

We like the fact that there are also many opportunities within LegalShield including offering this to small business owners and employee benefit groups as well as individuals and families. We also love and appreciate all the new phone apps, back office support and online trainings that LegalShield has innovated. We know that the more people we help, the more money we can make which is something you seldom find in traditional corporate America. We also feel that this is the only company where business professionals like us can feel comfortable in this industry.

LegalShield has given us income and options which allow us to be with friends and family any time we choose. Additionally, it gave us the ability to deal with health problems and serious out-of-state family issues without worrying about where the money would come from. Our passive income and residual income continue whether we work or not. We have met people who have become our close friends and learned new personal and business skills which have helped us grow as individuals.

LegalShield continues to offer innovative tools and leadership to help everyone build and grow their businesses. We are in the right place at the right time and are very excited for all the new associates and their bright futures. We cannot give enough thanks to our team that helped us accomplish this and to LegalShield for making it possible.

Now we have the fortune to be receiving excellent residuals and passive income which is a blessing. The hard work we put forth has helped us build an asset that will continue and someday bless the rest of our family. We will continue to provide support to our team, so they can achieve their goals. We are excited about the possibilities for everyone in LegalShield that are willing to work the plan.