I’m grateful that LegalShield allows me the flexibility to live life on my terms. I have been able to travel and support causes that matter most to me, through my philanthropic work with Rotary and Side by Side, as well as my own non-profit, Wall of Hope. There is nothing more gratifying than working together to help heal the world, even if it’s in one small way. The other thing that LegalShield allowed me to do was to spend every day with my mother before she passed away in October 2017, because I didn’t have to ask a boss for time off. It’s hard to explain the value of this until it happens to you. I’m grateful for the hard work in my early years so that I could spend this time with my mom and my family. I know she’s proud! With my team, I have created The Life by Design Group or LXD where we believe that you can be, do, or have anything that you desire. Using the LegalShield business opportunity as your vehicle and the slight edge as your guide to change your habits, whatever you set your mind to accomplish, you can and will achieve, and LXD is here to help you accomplish that life. Through LegalShield, our goal to “protect and empower” is a lofty one, but one by one, community by community, we can make a difference. The Life by Design Group is here to help you with resources and encouragement to keep on the path. A journey begins with one step. Now let’s take that step together and design a life you love! I am Brenda Wall, and I am just getting started!