Business Owner

My career began in the late 1970s when I started a concrete flatwork company after high school. I was raised with the mindset that I would be in the concrete business. One problem: I hated it! Even though I built a successful company, I had to get out of that business. Then I saw an ad in an entrepreneur magazine about owning car washes. I built several washes over the years and that did get me out of the concrete business in the early 1990s. But I was in debt up to my ears. Every time I opened a new car wash, I was another million dollars in debt. I was a nervous wreck always anticipating what the weather was going to do each week. The banks didn’t care if it rained on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they just wanted their payment. My income was always dependent on the weather.

In 2001, I looked out the window of my home office and saw a good friend of mine pulling into my driveway. I hadn’t seen Mike in a while, so I knew he was probably here to sell me something or show me a new business he was in. Well, sure enough, Mike walked in and showed me what a LegalShield membership was. I had used my fair share of lawyers over the years and spent small fortunes on different legal issues. I could see that the membership had real value if the lawyers were any good. So I asked him, “What does a $17-a-month lawyer look like?”

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “They look just like those $10 co-pay doctors you’re using.”

That got my attention, and before the end of that week, I was in the LegalShield business. Over the next five years, I worked part-time while maintaining my car washes. In late 2006, I sold my car washes, making 2007 my first full-time year with LegalShield and earned my LegalShield Ring. I just got really good at letting people know that this company exists. Some people see it, some don’t. I say so what, and move on to people who agree that these are great services. I don’t get hung up on people who don’t get it. With this business, I don’t care what the weather is doing. People have legal and identity theft problems no matter if it’s raining or if the sun is shining.

Our income is leveraged, and about 95% of it comes in the form of overrides. I’m getting paid all year long, five nights a week, and it’s not about what I’m doing today; it’s about what my associate base is doing. They’re building their businesses, and I’m getting paid every day! No employees, no overhead, no banknotes. Oh, what a beautiful thing!

I’m excited about the future of this company. This is the right business at the right time.

We own the market. There is a true need for these services. Just knowing this 48-year-old company has everything in place and the right management to become a multi-billion-dollar company is very exciting.