LegalShield has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I have believed in the service and business model for as long as I can remember. When I was 12 years old, I traveled with my dad, John Hoffman, to Philadelphia for a Super Saturday in which he was the guest speaker. Sitting in the audience, I remember thinking to myself how cool it would be to one day start my LegalShield business and share the stage with my dad, my hero. After a successful career in full-time ministry, at the age of 23, I knew it was time to start my journey in LegalShield. I had no idea what the journey would look like, but with a passion for our membership and others, I dove in head first.

Little did I know, shortly after my LegalShield journey began, a dream of mine would come true. A year into my business, I had the honor of being recognized as a Rising Star for LegalShield, and I got to speak with my dad in front of more than 7,000 associates in Las Vegas. My parents always told me that I could accomplish anything I put my heart to, and after that experience, I knew this was just the beginning. Less than three years into my LegalShield career, I was recognized as the youngest female Ring Earner in the history of the company. I share this in humility as money was never my motivator. My motivator was a mission, a mission to serve, add value and protect families across our great nation. I consider myself a mission marketer, not a commission marketer.

Now just over five years into my career with LegalShield, I am excited and expectant for the years to come. With my husband, Patrick, and our precious children by my side and the Lord at the center of my business, I do believe all things are possible. This business has been such an incredible blessing in so many ways. I still pinch myself that I get paid to help provide families peace of mind.

My encouragement to all associates in LegalShield is to make this business a part of their calling. Let the opportunity you have to do good for others be what drives you and don’t give up. I see way too many people come and go from this incredible opportunity because they hate rejection. The truth is that rejection will happen anywhere you go. It’s a rarity to have this type of opportunity at this time, and we are called to make the most of it. Remember that you are called to greatness, chosen for success and made for a purpose. Dream BIG.

My name is Brielle Hoffman Crouse, and I am just getting started.