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Your Small Business Legal Plan can help with any business legal matter, and coverage starts as soon as your membership starts. Join now and speak with an attorney in your area in as little as four business hours.

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How It Works

Unexpected legal questions can arise every day, and with LegalShield on your team, you’ll have access to an experienced law firm for any business legal matter. Because our law firms are prepaid, their sole focus is on serving you, rather than billing you. Here’s how to get started.

1. Become a Member

Sign up for the Small Business Legal Plan that’s right for your business, and then head to to set up your account. Memberships are usually processed in one business day or less.

2. Download LegalShield App

Using the LegalShield app is like having an attorney in your pocket. Simply login using the information you set up in your account, and you’ll be ready to contact your attorney right from your Android or iOS device.

3. Get Legal Help

You can call your attorney, upload documents and contracts to be reviewed, download document templates, and more. If your attorney is not available right away, they will always call you back in as little as four business hours.

Purchase a Plan and Get Legal Advice Now

Remember, if you are a smaller business, you can purchase additional coverage by selecting a larger plan. For example, if you have less than 10 employees, you can buy the Small Business 50 Employee or Small Business 100 employee plan if one of those plans better meets your needs.

Small Business Plan Comparison
 10 Employees or Less50 Employees or Less100 Employees or Less
Price$39/month - No Enrollment Fee$89/month - No Enrollment Fee$149/month - No Enrollment Fee
Designated UsersUp to 2Up to 3Up to 5
Legal ConsultationUnlimited minutes & mattersUnlimited minutes & mattersUnlimited minutes & matters
Designated Consultations3 per year for 30 minutes each3 per year for 30 minutes each3 per year for 30 minutes each
Letters and Calls20 per year / up to 6 in any month
1 follow up letter or call per matter
30 per year / up to 6 in any month
1 follow up letter or call per matter
40 per year / up to 6 in any month
1 follow up letter or call per matter
Document Review20 per year / 15 pages per document
Up to 6 in any one month
30 per year / 15 pages per document
Up to 6 in any one month
40 per year / 15 pages per document
Up to 6 in any one month
Debt Collection Letters5 per month10 per month15 per month
Trial Defense for BusinessNone75 total hours per year
Up to 15 hours of pre-trial work
75 total hours per year
Up to 25 hours of pre-trial work
Member Discount25% off hourly rates25% off hourly rates

25% off hourly rates


What Our Members Are Saying

  • I used my business legal plan. [My provider law firm] consistently provides a professional and outstanding customer centered experience from the first intake call, the follow up on every pending matter and throughout the entire engagement with any attorney. All my questions get answers in a timely and well laid out way, so that at the end I know how I need to proceed with the business matter. Thank you for consistently engaging this member in a manner of pride in both your law firm and profession. It truly matters and speaks volumes about the quality of law firms in partnership with LegalShield.
    Majestic Media Solutions.
    Michigan Member
  • I recently agreed to lease commercial space for my small business and recording studio. The lease document was long. I read through it but wanted an expert to review it. Within less than an hour my provider law firm returned my call. He answered my questions and gave me the green light on the lease. I was extremely satisfied on all counts.
    Audrey W.
    Ohio Member
  • As a small business owner with both a LegalShield business plan and a personal plan, I strongly recommend LegalShield to all new business owners. I am a paralegal, and yet find the benefits to our business immeasurable. 1) I don't have to spend hours doing legal research, 2) I know that instead of paying a large retainer to an attorney who is most likely not an expert in ALL areas of law, that instead I can pay a reasonable monthly fee and when I call I will be able to talk withan attorney who is an expert in the category of law I need input, 3) I have appreciated review of all employee documents and policies we have for our business, 4) On the rare occasion that we have had a collection issue, a letter from our attorney law firm has been all it takes to motivate a payment. We are very pleased with our plans and the benefits.
    Michelle G.
    Washington Member