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Being legal-ready is important.

We’re your ally for all things legal.

And we do mean all things. From getting advice on a personal lease, to fighting a traffic ticket, to drafting your Will – and everything in between – LegalShield is here to help.

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Making your life easier

We not only simplify common legal issues, we’ve also got your back when life throws you a legal curveball. Our provider lawyers ensure that you’re prepared for anything. So you can focus on your life.

Securely store legal documents

You and your lawyer can access everything from our safe database.

Understand local laws

Get matched with experienced, local lawyers and get specific guidance for your legal issues.

Affordable legal services

Access lawyers for under $1 a day.

24/7 emergency support

For things like arrests, injuries, warrants and emergency custody issues.

Always there for you

Our easy-to-use app allows you to talk to a lawyer within a few hours.

The help you need

All your legal issues are covered, including pre-existing ones. Check out all the different ways we support you.

Protect your loved ones with Will and estate planning: draft a Will with annual reviews and updates and prepare durable Powers of Attorney.
Whether buying, selling, or renting, we’re here for you with document review and advice.

Family law issues are stressful. We’ll help with name changes, divorces, child custody issues and more.

More areas of law

If it’s a legal issue, we’ve dealt with it. We’ll do the same for you:

Motor vehicle issues

Representation and defense at civil trials

IRS assistance

Credit issues

Plus: 25% off hourly rates for additional legal needs not included

Goodbye expensive legal fees, hello legal advice you can afford

Legal Need Typical Attorney Costs LegalShield Cost
General legal consultation (per hour) $300 Included
Will preparation $1,500 Included
Representation in traffic matters $1,000 Included
Prepare purchase/selling agreement $500 Included
Review lease/rental agreement $750 Included
Uncontested adoption $1,800 Included
Total $5,850 Under $300 annually

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