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Hi! I’m Erin, an automated LegalShield representative here to assist you with any questions you may have.

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I had a very successful life before LegalShield, working in the automotive industry for 25 years doing sales and service. However, I often said, &quot;When I had time, I had no money, and when I had money, I had no time.&quot;<br> Then a friend asked me to diagnose her son's car. That evening, I contacted her via phone to share my findings, and she invited me to a LegalShield opportunity meeting. She said after the meeting, we would discuss the results of the car diagnosis. It was ironic; I had previously lost several thousand dollars due to a lack of legal representation. <br> In 1998, I began my LegalShield business. After working my dealership business during the day and LegalShield at night, I decided to launch my LegalShield business full time.<br> I, like many others, had been taken advantage of by the legal system before LegalShield. In the 1990s, I paid $100 an hour for legal consultation and $25 for 15 minutes. After learning that I could talk to my lawyer for three minutes, 30 minutes, or three hours for just $26 a month, I wrote a check for the full year's membership. <br> The membership empowered me, and the business opportunity helped improve my daily business operations before becoming a full-time LegalShield associate.<br> I enjoy helping as well as meeting new people and traveling. And LegalShield has afforded me both time and money freedom, and it has afforded me financial security as it relates to retirement. <br> I've helped countless people with legal problems by introducing them to LegalShield. This business afforded me the opportunity to meet some of the NICEST people; one in particular whom I call my soul mate.<br> Unfortunately, I started a little late, but I plan to finish FIRST! SEE YOU AT THE TOP!<br>
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