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Hi! I’m Erin, an automated LegalShield representative here to assist you with any questions you may have.

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<br> Before LegalShield, we owned our own business for background checks, and we were unable to ever see our kids – Nicco, Larissa, Dante, Lexi and Alex. We sold the company and became millionaires but made some bad investments in real estate and the stock market. We lost EVERYTHING and had to start over. We chose LegalShield to be that second chance after I was recruited into the business to be a B2B group sales associate. <br> <br> LegalShield is a full-time business for my wife and I, and we've embraced all facets of the business. Last year it was just me, but now after 10 years in the business, my wife is now also working the business with me.<br> <br> We are now able to meet all of our financial obligations without the help of my parents who were helping us financially when we lost everything. <br> <br> I knew this truly was a service that everyone needed and felt the growth potential was huge.<br> <br> My success is limited only by my own efforts, and the income potential is unlimited. I love being in a position to help others achieve incomes that would otherwise be unattainable.<br> <br> My oldest daughter Larissa and my oldest son Nicco are also associates, and they were attracted to the business based on the fact that the grew up with two stay-at-home parents, and they want that for their future children as well. My daughter and I both won the trip to Cancun, so this year we plan to bring the entire family.<br> <br> Our greatest accomplishment last year was achieving the first ring level, and our goals for this year are to continue to build our organization and to help our kids in the business to reach and maintain Executive Director level.<br> <br> <br>
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