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Hi! I’m Erin, an automated LegalShield representative here to assist you with any questions you may have.

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I was introduced to LegalShield while pursuing my college degree in entrepreneurship in the San Francisco Bay area. After graduating from business school, I worked as an outside sales rep for a Fortune 500 company. Although my job paid me well, I knew that I would never become financially independent, control my own time, or live the lifestyle I desired by working for someone else. I quickly grew tired of commuting for hours a day in traffic and being told what to do. Seeing my father have to work into his 70's just to survive helped me realize that I have to take responsibility for creating my own retirement and that the worst place to leave my future is in someone else's hands. I believe that our purpose in life is to pursue our passions and gifts, not to just sell our time for a paycheck to pay bills. Thanks to LegalShield, I walked away from my job 10 years ago and have been working from home ever since. It was exciting for my Plan B to become my Plan A in just over three years.<br> <br> My lifestyle has changed dramatically because of LegalShield! I am now blessed to own a home with beautiful views by the water, control my own time and income, no longer sit in commute traffic every day, enjoy the freedom to travel when and where I choose to, and am able to help support my father financially. It's an amazing feeling to be job-free and to have residual income that pays me in my 30's for work I did in my 20's. I'm especially thankful for the personal development and positive associations that LegalShield provides. Success is something you attract by the person you become, and this business has helped me grow from a student into a teacher, from an employee into a business owner, from a follower into a leader, from a borrower into an investor, and from &quot;staycations&quot; to &quot;paid for vacations.&quot;<br> <br> I would not be here if it weren't for the leaders who have come before me and the team that has come along this journey with me. I am grateful for the support of Mikal Mekki and Team NuVision and for the unwavering leadership of my mentors Bert Calhoun, Mike Humes, and Darnell Self. It's an honor to represent such an amazing team of champions who have chosen to fight for your freedom; I appreciate all of you! Special thanks go to the Executive Directors who helped us reach Platinum last year: James and Jaya Crawford, Samantha Smith, Mark Lampkin, and David Schoenthal<br> <br> This year with NuVision 2.0, we're focused on creating double-digit qualified Executive Directors, new Rise to the Ring earners and LegalShield ring earners, and earning our next income ring. I look forward to joining my esteemed colleagues in the prestigious Platinum World Council in 2017!<br> <br>
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