My background is the insurance business after five years in the U.S. Air Force.

I owned an insurance agency for 21 years and was an independent agent/broker before LegalShield. Even though I owned my own business, I felt trapped with overhead, employees, etc. I worked all the time, and I didn’t seem to have enough time to spend with my family. As an insurance agent, I understood residual income, and saw a way to build income for the future.

A lawyer friend of mine introduced me to Frank AuCoin. I met him for lunch, went to his home that evening, and signed up for the membership and as an associate.

I was convinced that LegalShield was the opportunity for us because it is a service that everyone needs and can afford. And the IDShield plan addresses one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Again, I believe we have the best identity theft services in the industry; everyone needs it and it is affordable also.

What I like best about the opportunity is that you have the ability to help people literally change their lives. My team has helped thousands of people with legal problems by giving them access to a lawyer with the membership.

I qualified for Executive Director within the first 90 days of coming into the business by selling 77 personal memberships in a month, making almost $7,000 that month. I reached the Bronze Executive Director level in six months, Silver Executive Director the next month, and Gold Executive Director eight months later. I also qualified for the $100,000 Ring in my second year in the business. My team has literally given tens of thousands of members access to the justice system. I have helped 20 or more associates on my team achieve the level of Executive Director, with several of them reaching the Platinum level. My goal for this coming year is to reach the Platinum Executive Director level, maintain it and to become a part of the Platinum World Council. I have been with LegalShield more than 20 years now and feel like I’m just getting started.

Although I grew my business at an extremely fast pace, all associates in LegalShield do not have the same results. I have been in this industry for over 40 years.

I tell all my new associates, the more they learn, the more they earn. I encourage them to take their eyes off themselves and put it on the people on their team. If you help enough people achieve their dreams, you will achieve your dreams also. If you put GOD first, work this business, and don’t quit, you cannot fail.