We were presented this opportunity on March 8, 1984.

We have seen many changes over the years. When we signed up, we didn’t have any of the tools you have now. All our sponsor left us with was one brochure and one copy of the membership application and one copy of the associate agreement form. No training of what we needed to do next!

We made a list of people we wanted to share the business with. Next, we started to call the people on the list and invited them to our home. That was the beginning of our home meetings. Jim was great on the phone! When they asked him what it was about, he would tell them it is something you need and everyone wants. Of our nine guests, five signed up. Four are still involved. One passed away but their team continued to grow. Our meetings soon outgrew our home, so we found a new place—the Heritage Inn. After a few years, we outgrew that room and moved to a larger hotel and meeting room. We held an open meeting to any team. I served as Regional Manager and then as Senior Vice President to all associates in the 916 area code. Thanks to all of them who supported the meetings, our Super Saturdays were great! They filled the room with up to 500 associates and guests.

We saw many associates climb the ladder to success regardless of whose team they were a part of. Our meeting was the first filmed and recorded for all the states. Thank you, Mr. Samuel Unker, for the tool. They filmed all night because there were different plans for different states. The videos and cassettes flew off the tables. People didn’t just buy one or two. They bought boxes of 100!

The Super Saturday associates were able to meet Mr. Stonecipher, Wilburn Smith and many of the rising stars. Thank you, Dave Savula, for being one of our guest speakers. Dave is with our founder and all those who gave so much of themselves so associates could meet their goals. Our founder is so missed by all those associates, as is Mr. Smith and Fran Alexander. She was known as “Mama Fran.” She truly loved everyone. We were lucky to have her as our sponsor. Miss you so much!

One of our frontline associates earned the $100,000 Ring. We are proud of you and Peggy! We truly love you both. We want to thank Carol Smith and Shirley Stonecipher for standing side by side by their men. There are far too many people to give each name of those who helped us and believed in all of us.

Most of all, I want to thank my husband, Jim, for supporting me so all of you could reach your goals. On Tuesday nights, Jim would come flying in to pack everything we needed for the meeting. No dinner until we got back home. No complaints. He kept his hands in his pockets as he was embarrassed by the tar that covered his hands that he couldn’t get off. But nothing stopped him from being there. He was a man of having everything ready for you and all the teams. It was an open meeting for everyone. Thank you one more time for all your help and believing in our business. And thank you, little Lady, for being there for me. She has been my service dog for the last few years. My first girl I had for more than 12 years. Thank you, Mama Fran, for giving me my first girl that gave me another day of life. Thank you, LegalShield, for making our life what it is today!