When we started our journey in LegalShield, I was an administrator in a Christian school, and Stan was in the insurance industry. He was successful because he never met a stranger, and he had a talent for making people feel important.

LegalShield has been a godsend to Stan and me. It has given us the opportunity to work together, meet great people, and make an awesome income.

I thank God every day for leading us to this business and giving us sense enough to do something with it.

It has been a wonderful journey. We reached the Executive Director level in September 1998, and we have been at that level or above every month since then. We are six-figure Ring Earners and Millionaire Club Members. These awards mean so much to us.

Stan passed away April 14, 2017. For several years, we did not work our business other than attending our weekly meetings and participating in team calls. Thank God we built a great team! Because of them, our income continued, so I was able to stay home and take care of Stan. We have always been 100% LegalShield. One night, Stan was in the hospital, and they had him on heavy painkillers. Many of our friends were in the room. Stan said, “This is a good meeting tonight. How many are guests?”

I said, “For right now, all of them.”

Stan said, “Wow! That’s great.”

He loved LegalShield, and before he passed, he told me to build our business to Platinum level and to be a part of the Platinum Council. I told him I would do it, so my goal for is to be a Platinum Executive Director.

Sometimes a strong “why” is hard to identify, so if you don’t have a “why,” use mine, which is to build a team just in case something happens and you can’t work. While you are still able to build your business, do it now.

My LegalShield membership and my LegalShield business are my peace of mind.

I have had challenges in the last 10 years. I lost my son in 2007, and now Stan. I learned a long time ago that you can only concentrate on one thought at a time, and God gave you the power to choose that thought, so make that thought what you want in life. Every day I focus on the positive.