Business Owner
LegalShield has been full-time for me.

My wife, Pat, retired from the Washington, D.C. school system in June 2004, after 35 years of service and has now joined me full-time in this business opportunity. Before LegalShield, I was an accountant in corporate America and owned my own tax service. Pat was a school counselor. We lived a comfortable middle-income life without the “extras.” Vacations were rare, and my credit card debt was huge. I paid my bills usually on time, but sometimes I had to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Now, I have wiped out most of my debt. I am able to have a financial cushion in the bank and to invest in the stock market. I have more time, the ability to travel, and most of all, I love the personal growth and development I have experienced.

Actually, my wife, Pat, saw the service and opportunity before I did. She is more security-minded. I didn’t think I needed the service. She invited our Director to our home for a presentation. I asked him a whole lot of questions. I was impressed with the opportunity. I was a “shark.” However, after using the service, I recognized how valuable and empowering the product is.

What we like best are the wonderful relationships and friendships we have formed. LegalShield has been an incubator for our personal development. It has served as a motivator to be all that we can be. This internal wealth of character development, people skills, and appreciation for others cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

We now have more time to spend with our children and grandchildren. I can give more to my family, particularly my mother who is ill and on a fixed income. We drive nicer cars, dress in nicer clothes, and have the freedom to do more and to give more. Thank you, LegalShield! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Harland Stonecipher. Thank you, Mr. Mike Humes, for being our mentor.

A public school system was my first major group account. This sale is my most rewarding sale. The teachers taught me to sell by trial and error. I grew as a result, and I am forever grateful. I learned that the only way to truly succeed is by helping others. In Acts 20:35, Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I started on my journey for the finances; however, I found my early success to be hollow. You cannot be in this business long without being touched by the lives that are positively changed. By being a “giver” of my time, energy, experience, care, and love, the Creator has opened the floodgates of prosperity and happiness to my wife and me. LegalShield is more than an opportunity. This is a company with a divine mission.

This is a mission of empowerment, salvation, freedom, and love. For the first time in our lifetime, we can clearly see into the future. We believe that sharing this blessing is a giving experience and a gateway from the limitations of the present to the limitless blessings of the future.