I am so very thankful for LegalShield, for my late husband, David Stecki, and for our fabulous team that never gave up! David would be so proud, and I am so proud and happy to see that his hard work and his belief in our team has paid off.

To keep his legacy and dream alive is heart-warming. It was so important to David that the extra help and true compassion he gave to all LegalShield Associates has made a difference and has helped change people’s lives for the better. After his death and the loss of our baby when I was four-and-a-half months pregnant, life was extremely hard for me.

I would have been on the streets if it was not for LegalShield.

We were just in the process of purchasing life insurance but unfortunately it was too late. I feel blessed every day for LegalShield. I am walking proof that it really works; it is real.

I have not worked for more than 10 years, and I still earn an income. With no big overhead or liability, this is a business you can Will to someone you love, or you can sell it. It is not a lotions, potions or pills company where there is no loyalty. For those companies, as soon as another product comes out, people move on to try the so-called better thing. This is not the music or travel industry, which has so much competition and a very slim profit margin. With LegalShield, we have something real that helps people, that gives them a Will, which we all need to have. On January 6, 2008, my girlfriend died in her sleep. She was just 48. So you just never know.

I believe David will always be with us and is watching over us until we meet again at our true destination. Thank you, Harland Stonecipher, for giving us the opportunity to make a difference while making a living! God bless!