Business Owner

In 2005, a wonderful man, who is a very special friend and mentor today, Mr. Don Bryan, came into my life and introduced me to LegalShield. Shortly after that time, my husband was hospitalized for a very serious condition, and as I looked at him fighting for his life, I knew that if he didn’t make it, I could not run his business without him. Together we decided that building a business with lifetime renewal income attached was the smartest investment in our future that we could possibly make.

Being former business owners in the automotive industry, the entrepreneurial spirit was something that was in our blood. One thing we learned in business at a very young age was it didn’t matter how much you made; it only matters how much you get to keep. Although we were successful in business, we knew that our income would stop if we stopped.

LegalShield has given us the opportunity to grow a wonderful team all over the country that has now become an extension of our immediate family.

LegalShield gives us the power to decide just how much money we want to make, instead of someone else deciding how much they are willing to pay us. It also allows us the satisfaction and enjoyment of helping others who are less fortunate, taking vacations when we want and not when someone tells us to, spending time with loved ones in other states and staying as long as we can just because we can. We have also been able to create a legacy and destiny for our children and grandchildren that corporate America could never give us.

Because of LegalShield, we paid cash for our daughter’s Cinderella wedding and didn’t have to think twice about where the money was going to come from. She and her husband could have the wedding she always dreamed of because of this unbelievable opportunity.

The new leadership brings a level of excitement to us and our team that we could have only dreamed of before. The potential for extreme growth is now before us. We will be continuing to grow our team all over the country. With hard work and dedication, we will also be working toward our next LegalShield Ring. We know that today we are “making a living while making a difference.”