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Child Custody

Child Custody and Support Resources You Need When Getting Married


The Best Interest of the Child

When a person is getting married and there are children involved, there are almost always questions that arise around child custody, child support and visitation rights. Regardless of your situation or the specific decisions you need to make, it’s the best interest of the children, along with the law, that should guide you.

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The Scenarios and Decisions You May Face

Let’s start by covering some common situations and the types of decisions you may need help with.

Child Custody & Visitation

If the biological parent of your children is in the picture, the first step is usually going be having a conversation with them and your new spouse to determine the best interest of the children. If you can’t agree, the courts will get involved.


Child Support

Typically, both parents are obligated to support their children until they are 18, in proportion to their respective financial means. Getting remarried can have a big impact on the calculation and you should speak with an attorney.


Name Change

Whether your new spouse will be adopting your children or not, there may be a question about their name. Will you change it? Leave it the same? If you want to change it how do you do that? Check our name change resources.


Last Will and Testament

Do you need a Will that will protect your family’s future? Do you have an existing Will that needs to be updated to match your new circumstances? While not super romantic, thinking through these issues is important.


A Suite of Helpful Resources

Whether you need to make some obvious and straightforward changes or you have a complex legal mess, LegalShield has resources to help you sort out your situation and make sure the best interests of your children are addressed.

Get Educated

If you’re looking for more detailed information about common child custody and support issues that arise when getting remarried, we strongly suggest you review The Legal Guide to Getting Married.

The guide is a comprehensive resource that covers child custody and support issues as well as other marriage related legal issues such as prenuptial agreements, name changes and your Will and Living Will.

Also, check out our blog post titled 5 Things You Should Know About Child Custody. The post is tailored to people getting remarried.

Get Legal Help

If you are in need of more immediate help, LegalShield offers legal plans that provide an attorney to assist you with child custody, support and visitation issues at a fraction of the normal fee. Our plans, which start at only $24.95 per month, include a host of other valuable legal services too.

  • Unlimited consultation with an attorney.

  • Legal forms and document review.

  • An attorney created Will and Living Will.

  • Letters and calls on your behalf to resolve disputes.

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Start Your Marriage off on the Right Foot and Protect Your Family.