Chip and Michelle met on one of LegalShield’s incentive trips in Lake Tahoe, years ago. He remembers introducing her to The Secret and helping her focus on personal development. He wanted to help her business and they became workout partners. Their relationship developed and they are now business partners living in Sebastian, Florida on the Treasure Coast. Chip has two adult children from his first marriage, David and Shiang-ling along with four grandchildren, Alexis, Matthew, Chloe and Jacob. Michelle has a son from a previous marriage, Isiah, and a grandson named Kamdyn.

Chip has one of the most unique backgrounds in all of LegalShield. As a professional high diver and aquatic entertainer he had the pleasure of producing and performing in high diving shows in 22 countries all around the world from Hong Kong to Dubai and from England to Australia. In 1980 he won the coveted Acapulco Cliff Diving Championships as seen on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. To see actual video footage put Chip Humphrey in a Google or YouTube search.

When Chip was introduced to LegalShield he was teaching physical education at a Sebastian River high school, coaching two sports, and working on his master’s degree full time. He retired in 2016 as an assistant principal at Vero Beach High School in Florida where he was earning a decent salary, $75,000 per year. With hard work and dedication over time, Chip and Michelle were able to build a business which has allowed them to earn over $100,000 per year for several years. In 2015 they were inducted as LegalShield Millionaire Club members! In 2015 they were inducted as LegalShield Millionaire Club members, on a part-time basis! In March of 2016 they also reached the Platinum Executive Director level, part time!

Michelle’s background is in corporate America and she earns a very strong six figure income in pharmaceutical sales where she was recently recognized internationally as a top 5% producer. Most recently she has been recognized as the number one producer in the Southeast and the top female African-American producer! She has been a keynote speaker for the Boys and Girls Club where she was a former participant in her youth on the south side of Chicago. When Michelle was introduced to LegalShield she didn’t think she needed the services but as a single mother she did recognize the power of an additional stream of income into her bank account. On a part-time basis she reached Executive Director in just 13 months! Michelle and Chip have both earned the prestigious Production Achievement Award.

Chip and Michelle fully realize that this is a phenomenal opportunity that keeps getting better and this is the vehicle for them to reach their goals. Our goal is to build a huge organization in the spirit of Mr. Stonecipher, helping many people reach their financial goals and to live their lives passionately! We are both very grateful for our team and the leaders who continue to grow and lead the company like Darnell and Traci Self, Mike, Steve and Kim Melia and Larry and Doni Smith and of course Judy Taylor.

Our story and growth with LegalShield is an example of what is possible for EVERYONE who follows the system!