Labor Worker

I first got involved in LegalShield while in college. Many college buddies who said “no” to LegalShield are bouncing from job to job or in low-paying, entry-level careers. Jennifer and I are working from home, traveling, enjoying our Performance Club bonus and have earned two all-expenses paid trips!

Our honeymoon was a LegalShield all-expenses paid trip to a five-star resort in California. LegalShield blessed us further by upgrading us to a suite to celebrate the occasion!

Jennifer has done some volunteer work at a pregnancy crisis center and at a counseling center. She is also a recent college graduate with a major in psychology. She presently works at home as an online volunteer crisis counselor, and she absolutely loves it. Thanks to the opportunity that LegalShield has offered, our main thing is being together instead of separated by jobs! Jennifer is enjoying volunteering/working at jobs that SHE wants to do instead of ones she HAS to do because of finances.

After graduating college, I worked at a warehouse for nine months before going into LegalShield full-time. At the warehouse, I was working 13 to 16 hours per day, five days a week. With LegalShield, I get to work from home, be there for my wife and spend time with my extended family. (We are a LegalShield family! My parents are $100,000 Ring Earners. My brother and sister are both Performance Club-qualified Directors! And my sister is also a $50,000 Ring Earner.)

My parents, Joel and Kathy Davisson, had been proud LegalShield Members since 1996. They decided to start selling LegalShield in January 2011, and they recruited me. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. They love LegalShield, and they love helping people. They are one of the hardest-working couples I know. Their desire to press on no matter the obstacle and to help their family, my family and others do the same is one of the many reasons why they are my role models and why I look up to them so much.

One of my favorite testimonies are my speeding tickets. I used the traffic ticket benefit three times in one year in college! The LegalShield lawyers rescued me! I received zero points against my license and still had “safe driver” and “good student” discounts! (Yes, I became a better driver after that year!) 

I am one of those guys that if I can work this business and be successful, then anybody has the opportunity to be successful. I have severe ADHD, so simple tasks do not come as easily as they do for others. Nonetheless, I am encouraged that even though this is our own business, we are not in business alone. There are amazing leaders in LegalShield who are more than willing to help new associates succeed! Our next goal is to be $150,000 Ring Earners. LegalShield is our career. This is our life and we love it!