Information Technology

Before LegalShield, I was a single dad of an 8-year-old daughter (Kenya) and a 7-year-old son (Jibril). My background was as a customer service rep for BellSouth Telecommunications, retail management for Target stores and ministry work. I also started two other traditional businesses, yet I was still living check to check when I first heard about LegalShield.

After hearing about the membership and business opportunity, I got started with both in September 1998! I didn’t have a lot of time to work the business, but I did have 7-10 hours a week to spare. By following a system, I was able to become a full-time LegalShield Associate in 1999, and within two-and-a-half years, I earned the $100,000 Ring!

In 2017, I married my angel, Angel Muhammad. Her background is in information technology and owning traditional businesses. She’s the mother of two sons, Brian and Immanuel. Because of the LegalShield opportunity, we’re both able to work from home! We give to causes we believe in and both of us like to travel. I’ve lost count of how many all-expense paid Performance Club incentive trips I’ve been on, and together we’ve been on four, including one at the beginning of 2020!

Angel and I are excited about the future of LegalShield and are both passionate about helping our team and others build successful businesses. One of my proudest moments occurred in December 2017, when my daughter, Kenya, married, and I was able to give her the wedding she wanted and was able to write the check to pay for it in full!

Another proud moment was taking my mother to Hawaii on one of the company trips. Our family has expanded to include our children and now grandchildren—they are part of our “why”! Our business has helped us to be an example to our family, friends, people we worship with, etc. on how hard work and determination pays off. It’s amazing to have control of our time and not live according to someone else’s rules. Our advice to new associates is to set goals, stay plugged in, show up at events, consistently and intentionally do income-producing activities (IPAs), constantly work on self (personal development), be aware of the law of association, work with your support line and most importantly believe bigger and faster! No’s will come; however, it’s all a part of the success process.

This is my 22nd year with the company and Angel’s 4th year, and we’re more excited now about the LegalShield opportunity than ever before! A special thanks goes to our entire team and upline! We’re extremely grateful to Allah (God) for you all and this opportunity! Remember, the fortune is in you, so keep growing and challenging yourself! The best is yet to come!