Business Owner
With LegalShield you can help a lot of people and provide for your family at the same time! It is a win-win!

I became involved with LegalShield through my good family friends, Larry and Mary King, and Larry did not take “NO” for an answer. That is really how it happened back in 1992. Shortly after, I became a full-time associate, leaving behind my career as a successful business owner. Since that day back in 1992, I have made many lifelong friends through LegalShield, many of which I consider to be family.

LegalShield has made it much easier for me to set my own schedule, giving me the ability to spend more time with my daughter, Hallie, and my grandchildren. Working a nine-to-five job would not give me the options I have now to be with my family and friends.

My goal for this year is to double my team’s production.

I tell everyone to continue until they get where they want to be in life—many give up too soon.

In the words of General Patton, “NEVER EVER SURRENDER!”