I started my LegalShield career 15 years ago by a simple shopping trip to the mall, which changed my life. I was working a dead-end job and had a son with medical challenges. There was no time to go to college. I knew I needed a change!

My answer came in the form of a simple conversation while Christmas shopping. I met a great lady and a bond was created. She gave me her business card. We never talked business that day, and SHE didn’t even know that I was LOOKING! I like to think of it as a GOD thing. After researching the company three weeks later, I made the call and got started! If the membership made sense, to me, why wouldn’t it for others? I used the membership and was impressed with the result, so I started part-time.

This business has granted me the opportunity to work from home and set my own schedule. Over the years I have achieved Top Group Producer title multiple times and was honored in 2003, to serve as a Senior Group Vice President, a position I held for five years. In 2015, I had a freak accident and spent six months recovering. Thank God for my residual income. To God be all the glory because with him all things are possible!

My goals are to expand my team and help as many people as possible achieve their dreams! My husband is my biggest fan and strongest motivation. I believe if you love what you do, IT’S NOT WORK!