LegalShield means being able to be a full-time parent while getting to help others. What more could you ask for? I absolutely LOVE what we do. That is an amazing feeling, one that most spend their whole lives looking for. Our personal question we ask ourselves about anything in life is WWWD? (What Would Wilburn Do?) He was one of my favorite people in the world and we strive to work and build LegalShield to make him proud.

My grandparents, Larry and Mary King, introduced me to LegalShield. Being raised in this business and seeing my grandparents be successful is what convinced me this was the right opportunity for me as well. I didn’t have a lifestyle before LegalShield because LegalShield is all I have ever done! I dropped out of college to pursue LegalShield full-time, and now my wife, Sarah, and I can take vacations to places we’ve never been before, and we can drive the cars we have only dreamed of. We can do what we want when we want.

The greatest accomplishment of my LegalShield career was earning my first Ring.

Our goals for the future are to wear the $200,000 Ring and to be Platinum World Council members.

When you become part of something bigger than you and what you believe in, you will remove your selfish fears from your thoughts.

As associates, we all need to stop being selfish. We have one of the best opportunities no matter where you live, what your age, or where you come from in life. Anything you want you can have here at LegalShield. We all must just share our incredible opportunity and membership with more people.