All my life I’ve been in a business development position. I’ve always loved the idea of meeting new people, helping them solve problems and getting paid for it. The drawback is that I was building someone else’s dreams and legacy. After realizing that, I looked into starting my own business and LegalShield found me. I say LegalShield found me because at first, I was a hard “NO!” But after attending an event I knew this is what I had been praying for. I loved the low start-up costs and that I’d be paid based on my efforts. I could help a lot of people with these amazing services and opportunity. The personal development has made me a more confident, loving and supportive woman.

Over the last six years, I’ve worked this business on my own terms and my own time. I replaced my income, drive a luxury car and have had the privilege of traveling courtesy of our incentive trips. Over the next six years, I plan to help protect more families and businesses and also empower more people with this amazing opportunity. My ultimate goal is to touch the lives of many!