Pre-Paid Legal was presented to my family by a good friend in 2002. He simply asked, “Would you do me a favor?”

We said yes and quickly decided after hearing about the service that the membership made sense. My late husband, David Quincy, was a high school math teacher and a math tutor in his spare-time. My background is in information technology. David knew that teaching wasn’t earning him enough money, so he decided to look at the business opportunity.

With hard work, he built a business that allowed him to earn as much money as he was making as a teacher. David was one of the first $100,000 Ring Earners under the newly branded company name of LegalShield. Then in March 2014, David passed away, and I was left to decide whether or not I would continue with his legacy.

I had been introduced to multilevel marketing, but still was not interested. That is until I took a look at how David had earned a six-figure income. I’m thankful that I “took a look” because I’ve been able to continue the legacy of David Quincy, create a business called Quincy Legacy Group and have a part-time income on my own terms all because of LegalShield.