Business Owner

Having worked for corporate America for four years after high school and going to college for one year, I quickly realized that I didn’t want to do either. So along with my brother, I bought the family business my father had started. The money was good, but I still lacked two things: time and residual income.

I would do an hour of work and only get paid once for that hour. It was trading time for money, commonly known as linear income, which is a far cry from repeat or residual cash flow, something they never taught me in high school or college. I was unsettled and frustrated, and I felt like nothing was changing financially during those first six years of being married to my continually supportive wife, Gina.

One day my sister’s mother-in-law, Sally, who is a very sweet, soft-spoken LegalShield Associate, gave me a copy of Success magazine, featuring LegalShield. I read it for a week. The services made sense to me and the unique LegalShield business model made even more sense. Having invested $125,000 in my father’s conventional business, the $249 investment to represent LegalShield was what I considered “a low-risk start-up with high-return potential,” really a perfect combination in the business world. God had answered my prayers and brought LegalShield right to my doorstep thanks to Sally simply sharing information with me.

I started building my own book of business with LegalShield on a very part-time basis in May 2007, even though I was still working 50-hour weeks in my excavation and construction business. Because of the tremendous need in the market for legal and identity theft services, within 18 months my wife and I began to experience success. In 2009, I was able to sell my share of the family business back to my brother. Within five years and one month to the day of starting with LegalShield, I was able to earn my LegalShield Ring. In business it usually takes at least five years to even get into profit mode, but with LegalShield a person can do that their first day in business. I accomplished my goal of earning my first Ring by my five-year anniversary. Everyone’s financial goals are different.

The support from others already in LegalShield helped me reach my goals. What’s so amazing is that I’m still being paid on a daily basis from the legal and identity theft plans I marketed five years ago. If I take a week’s vacation or spend a few days with the children, the passive residual income from my LegalShield business keeps flowing into my checking account.

Because of good retention and an amazing legal and identity theft restoration service that wouldn’t be possible without our law firms and supportive Home Office staff, anyone reading this and looking to change the financial direction their life is taking can never use the excuse, “My ship never came in.” LegalShield is a solid business model that anyone can do and experience success. The pages in this book are a testament to that.

I thank God for showing me the seaworthy vessel of LegalShield, and thank you, Gina, for your undying support as we build a business our children will inherit. Thank you, Mr. Carlo Brown, Team NuVision, and so many others who have gone before me, for your amazing leadership.