Business Owner

Following in his father’s footsteps, David Ward became a lawyer, and for 20 years he practiced law in Southern California.

He was successful, but like many lawyers, the long hours and unrelenting stress finally caught up with him. “I had a good income, but no time to enjoy it,” David says. “On those rare occasions when I was able to take a vacation, I was utterly unable to relax. I was always worried about how the office was running without me and what I had to do when I got back.”

In addition to practicing law, David wrote and published a marketing course and newsletter for lawyers. This business was also successful, but as the years went by, he realized that there was something missing in his life. “I believe I was put here to serve a higher purpose,” he says. “I just didn’t know what it was.”

One day, one of his subscribers asked for his opinion on an article in the American Bar Association Journal noting the dramatic increase in popularity of legal service plans. Hoping to get an article for his newsletter, David began to research the industry. When he learned that legal service plans have an 80% market penetration in some European countries but a mere fraction of that in the United States, he knew he was onto something big.

“We have more laws, more lawyers, and more litigation. I knew it was only a matter of time before legal service plans were as common here as they are in Europe,” he says. “People need lawyers but can’t afford them. Lawyers need clients but don’t know how to market their services nor do they really want to. LegalShield is revolutionizing the legal field by providing a solution to both problems.”

David became a LegalShield Associate despite having no time to take on a new venture. “Once I did my due diligence and saw the full scope of this opportunity, I couldn’t pass it up. No overhead, no employees, none of the headaches associated with traditional business and the potential to build passive, residual income, so you can retire while you’re still young enough to enjoy it. What a concept!”

In his first six months as an associate, David recruited 50 associates—49 lawyers and one doctor—earning a top recruiter award on stage at the annual convention the following March. He has continued to build his organization primarily by showing the opportunity to lawyers and other professionals.

“Many professionals are right where I was a few years ago,” he says. “They’re making too much money to quit and not enough money to retire. They’re stressed beyond belief and will probably die at their desks. Where else can they get the opportunity to build a part-time business that offers as much potential as LegalShield?”

David says LegalShield has renewed the passion he once felt about his career.

“As a practicing lawyer, you help clients one at a time. With LegalShield, you can help thousands.”

Today, David works his LegalShield business from home with his wife, Kathy. “I can’t think of anything better than helping people realize their potential,” he says. “I truly love what I do.”