Pageant Director

When I first heard about LegalShield, I immediately wished I already had this valuable service. I thought of all the times my husband and I had been taken advantage of and felt so helpless and frustrated. The use of a lawyer during those times had never even entered our thoughts, as it was so far out of the realm of what we could afford. LegalShield has truly blessed my family with peace of mind.

A good friend introduced LegalShield to my daughter, who was 18 years old at the time. As I began to understand her new venture, I was amazed at the great opportunity LegalShield provided to grow income. I also saw a wonderful opportunity to experience the fun of building a business alongside my daughter, so I joined her organization, and we started this journey together.

The greatest accomplishment of my LegalShield career is the amazing growth I have experienced along the way and the person I have become. This journey has shown me talents and weaknesses that I never even knew I had. I learned how to grow a business, overcome challenges, persevere and succeed. I have made beautiful and lasting friendships with people from all across North America. I have seen my personal growth be a positive force for good in my family. I look back with fondness on all that I have learned through building my LegalShield business, and I look forward to achieving all the dreams that are still ahead. Thanks to LegalShield, the future is bright. I will be forever grateful to God for the blessing of LegalShield in my life.